Farewell Ace of Cakes

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Ace of Cakes Crew, photo borrowed from Foodnetwork.com

I’m not really a television person. I don’t watch it much and I have never been attached enough to any show to care that it was coming to an end. Until now. Tonight the final episode airs of the only show I have ever really loved, Ace of Cakes.

After 10 seasons I have actually grown attached to the motley crew of Baltimore’s most famous bakery, Charm City Cakes. Duff, Geof, Mary Alice and the gang have made me laugh, shown me new skills, inspired me and taught me to relax when I make mistakes. With all the over dramatic reality shows out there, full of yelling, constant bleeping and bad talking others, it is so nice to be able to watch a show that is so positive and fun.

From my early days of learning to decorate cakes I knew right away that my interests where a bit different than most. While others were making buttercream roses and designing intricate wedding cakes, I just wanted to make cakes that looked like objects around the house and that had 3-D elements to them. Then, when my husband started teaching me how to use his power tools to make my jobs easier, I realized that I really wasn’t fitting the “80 year old grandma” image that I thought decorators were supposed to have. So when I watched my first episode of Ace of Cakes I was so excited to see that there were others out there who were taking cake decorating to a whole new level. Duff really ignited my passion to continue trying to make cakes that defy gravity (okay, not really) and not feel like I have to settle into a certain mold.

Tonight’s episode is going to be especially touching to me because they are making a cake for the 25th anniversary of the movie Back to the Future. I was a preteen girl when that movie came out and I had my first big crush on a celebrity, Michael J. Fox. I will never forget going to the theater and sitting dreamy-eyed as I watched my heart throb speed off in that Delorean. I can’t wait to see that Delorean now memorialized in cake.

Back to the Future movie poster from 1985

The one consolation that I have in all of this is that I will be taking a trip to Baltimore this summer and getting to meet my favorite cake makers in person. Yes, you heard me right, I get to go to Charm City Cakes and meet Duff and the crew!! (Sorry, I just can’t say that without screaming.) Back in December, Charm City Cakes held a charity auction to raise money for Days End Farm Horse Rescue. The prize was a day spent at Charm City Cakes, a tour, getting to meet the crew and then a cake lesson with Duff and Geof. My amazing husband, knowing how much I loved these guys, put a bid in for me. We never dreamed it would amount to anything but, low and behold, we won! We have been in touch with them and are still finalizing the date that will fit all our schedules. I can’t wait and you can be sure that I will share everything with you all here on my blog.

So, I hope you will all join me tonight, at 10/9c on the Food Network, in saying farewell to Ace of Cakes. Thank you Charm City crew for entertaining and teaching us these last five years. You will be greatly missed. Keep making those amazing cakes and get ready because I am coming your way!

Until then, God Bless and Sweet Dreams.

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