My First Give Away! You Just Might Win!

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I love to give things away so I am really excited to announce my first contest. I wanted to give away something that would be helpful to my followers and encourage them to start trying some of the techniques they will be seeing me use in my entries. I decided that a great prize would be a beginning cake decorating kit.

I swung by my local craft store and picked up a Wilton 25 Piece Decorating Set. This kit comes with twelve 12 inch disposable decorating bags; two couplers and coupler rings; five metal decorating tips in sizes 3, 16, 32, 104 and 352; four 0.5 oz. sized icing colors in Leaf Green, Lemon Yellow, Sky Blue and Pink; a No. 9 flower nail; and an instruction booklet.

The one thing I thought this kit still needed was a 9 Inch angled spatula, since I use mine all the time. It didn’t come with one so I picked that up too and am adding it with the kit. Now whoever wins this should be all ready to start giving decorating a try. And if the person who wins is already a seasoned decorator, well you can never have too many tips, bags and spatulas!

I know what’s going through your mind, “How can we win this amazing prize?!”

Here is what you do, at the end of this post leave a comment telling me what your favorite flavor of cake is. That’s it. You don’t have to buy a ticket, recommend this page to a friend (although I would appreciate that), or anything else. Just let me know your favorite cake flavor. I will give you until midnight on Friday, February 25th to leave a comment. On Saturday morning, February 26th, I will put all the names in a hat and randomly pick a winner. I will then get in contact with the winner to get their address and send it to them.

Be sure to leave your answer in a comment at the end of this post. I will not count any comments left on other posts or posted on my Facebook page. (I will have Facebook specific contests in the future.) Please be aware that if this is your first time leaving a comment it has to be approved before it will get posted so don’t worry if it takes a little bit before you see it. I get notified that it needs approval and then have to accept it. I try to keep on top of this so it shouldn’t take long to see it. After your first posted comment your future posts won’t require approval again.

There is no limit on age, gender or ability to enter this contest. Everyone is welcome so go ahead and tell your friends about it. Even if they don’t have any interest in cake decorating maybe they will give the kit to you if they win. Hey we can all dream.

And speaking of dreams; Good Luck, God Bless and Sweet Dreams.

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  1. Michelle,
    I love your website and cakes. I do a little decorating myself, mostly for family members birthday’s.
    My favorite cake will have to be Red Velvet and of course it will have to have cream cheese frosting.
    I look forward to your new posts every week.

    Debbie Gilliland

  2. Hey Michelle!
    My favorite flavor would have to be pumpkin chocolate chip with cream cheese icing (in the fall) and White chocolate cake with strawberry filling and white chocolate buttercream in the spring and summer. 🙂

    By the way, I made your recipe for Strawberry filling last week. It was SO GOOD! It is now my go to recipe for strawberry. The only difference was I used frozen, then thawed strawberries because I couldn’t find fresh ones.


  3. Wohoo! A give away…I’ll be Lanie will rig it so she wins ;0) ha ha, but I’ll give it a shot anyway…

    my favorite flavor of cake…wait for it…is white cake with buttercream frosting…yep…I live a pretty vanilla lifestyle, that’s how I roll these days, old friend ;0)

    LOVE YOU and LOVE your website!!!

  4. Michelle!! This site is so fun! Your cakes and gingerbread houses are AMAZING!!

    My favorite cake flavor has to be CHOCOLATE!! :o)

    Take care!

  5. Cheesecake or carrot cake. Honestly, not a traditional cake fan, but do attempt to decorate some for the kids’ birthdays. Thankfully they are young enough to be very forgiving and have good imaginations!

  6. Peanut butter fudge cake! I have made it a number of times and it was always a hit with the guests. Your website rocks!

  7. My favorite is a moist carrot cake WITH raisins…if it doesn’t have raisins it just doesn’t seem as good. Joe enjoys a white cake with a nice, rich, chocolate frosting. Now if only I could find a good gluten-free cake! 🙁

  8. I like spice cake and carrot cake, but pretty much any flavor will do! Homemade is the best, no matter what the flavor! Love the new blog, btw!

  9. Michelle, you have such an amazing talent! My girls love to look at the cake pictures that you post. My favorite cake is my mom’s lemon cake with a lemon glaze poured over it. Yum, yum!

  10. (Oops…I submitted this under your 2/15 entry by mistake) Anyhoo, it’s lemon cake or just regular cake with pineapple cream cheese frosting. Heck, I don’t need the cake because I can eat the cream cheese frosting by itself…(shoot, now I want some).

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