An Ambulance Cake With Working Lights

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It’s been a busy few weeks for our family and, fortunately, a lot of that busyness has been because of some really fun baking projects. Today I want to share with you one of my recent projects that I am really proud of, my ambulance cake. I am proud of this cake because I am happy with how it turned out but, even more than that, I am proud because of the reason I got to make the cake; my daughter is now a licensed EMT! She recently received her national EMT license and just got hired on to her first EMT job. I am so proud of her and so excited to see her enter into such a selfless, caring profession. My dad and brother were both firefighters so I love seeing my daughter carry on the family legacy of first responders.

We had a little party to celebrate her and this great achievement. I haven’t made a sculpted cake in almost two years so I was super excited to create something really special for her. I decided to make an ambulance cake. In keeping with my style, I wanted to include an electrical feature in it so I added flashing lights to give that real emergency feel. As an additional personal touch, I sculpted edible figures of my daughter caring for her unconscious sister. Her sister is older than her, and usually the one taking care of her, so it was fun to reverse the roles of caregiver for the cake. Plus we all got a kick out of seeing edible versions of both my girls.

Unfortunately I was on a time crunch with this cake so I didn’t have time to put together a tutorial on it, aside from a few photos of the structure that you will see further down in this post. If you are interested in learning how to make car cakes I highly recommend Mike McCarey’s DVD, Car Cakes or his Craftsy Class, Classic Car, Timeless Techniques.

Enough talk, here are some photos of my ambulance cake.

I tried to pay attention to all the important details, like writing AMBULANCE backwards on the front of the hood.

Here are the edible figures of my daughters. I sculpted them out of a mixture of fondant and modeling chocolate.

My daughter was impressed that I remembered to put the EMT patches on her shirt.

My oldest daughter works for Bite Squad so I dressed her in a Bite Squad uniform.

Here is the rear of the ambulance

And the backside

I love doing all the little details, like adding side mirrors and steps

Here are the blinking lights I added to the front. They flashed alternately like a real ambulance so you can only see one at a time in photos. I removed the lights from a toy fire truck and had my husband wire them up for me.

I did take a few photos of the structure with the lights attached to it so you can see how the wires ran through the cake. I made the structure out of foam board and ran the wires through bubble tea straws.

The lights sat snug in the holes I cut out of the foam board. The cake was stacked in front and behind the lights then it was all covered in fondant.

My daughter squealed with excitement when she saw the cake. That made all the hours of working on it totally worth it.

She refused to let anyone eat the edible figure of her.

Her sister, on the other hand, was up for grabs and my niece and nephew insisted they each get to eat half of her.

And here is what the ambulance looked like by the end of the party.

Oh, and I can’t forget the other desserts…..

My daughter has a bit of an obsession with llamas so I had to also include some cookies decorated with llamas wearing stethoscopes.

And, finally, I also made some strawberry lime macarons, just because I like making macarons.

Thank you to my daughter for her great accomplishments so that I had an excuse to make a really fun cake.

Until next time…

Here’s to sweet dreams and sugar highs.







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  1. Hi. Can you make an ambulance van cake for me. It’s for a newly graduated paramedic. To celebrate. Thanks.

    1. Hi Sabrina, I’m sorry but I don’t sell cakes and I would not be able to ship a cake to you anyways. Sorry. Good luck on finding someone in your area that can do it for you.

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