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Hi! Welcome to my blog! I’m Michelle and that cute guy in the photo with me is my hubby, Kevin. We’ve got two grown daughters and are recent empty nesters. (Yikes, I can’t believe I’m that old!) As of this writing, we have been married 22 years.

Aside from my hottie husband, my passions include baking (duh!),

all things Wonder Woman,

and wrenching on my Jeep.

Speaking of my Jeep, guess what her name is…. Sugar High!

A couple of years ago I wanted to join my husband in the shop (he is a car guy) so we bought a used Jeep Wrangler and worked together to rebuild it into the beauty that she is today. Check her out!

And look at that license plate.

I wanted to tie my passion for baking into her so that’s where her name came from; and that is also why I have renamed my blog Sweet Dreams and Sugar Highs.


I’m fairly new to the whole auto world but am finding that it has a whole lot of similarities to cake decorating. In fact, over the years my favorite cakes to make were always car cakes so it just seemed natural that I would eventually build a real vehicle. The only problem with real vehicles is that you can’t eat your mistakes while building them.

After building Sugar High, I competed with her in an all-female off-road rally called the Rebelle Rally for two years in a row.

So as you can see, my life adventures take place beyond just the kitchen but my first love will always be baking so, no matter what else I am doing, I always have to find some time to create sweets. I’m convinced that baking is much more helpful than therapy!

Follow along with me here as I document my baking adventures. I think you will find that my kitchen creations range everywhere from simple sweets to crazy sugar highs.

I hope you enjoy my blog and learn a little something along the way.


Wishing you Sweet Dreams and Sugar Highs,






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