Gingerbread 2010 – The Flaming Destruction

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It is time to bring this gingerbread house to an end. I promised that the disposal process would be exciting this year and it sure was! I wanted to stick with the theme of the house being on fire so I got out the propane torch. Here are the before and after shots and below them are the video of the house going up in flames. It was almost as fun burning it down as it was making. Kids, don’t try this at home and everyone else, always be very careful with a torch. Also, be sure you are in a safe area and have water nearby whenever you are working with fire.

Enjoy my little pyro moment and until next time,
God bless and Sweet Dreams!



More during – with help of a little gasoline to speed up the process


Disclaimer: My dad is a retired fireman, and I have the greatest respect for all that serve in that capacity and other public service. No disrespect is intended by burning everything in the gingerbread house or the firemen represented.

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  1. I melted them too! I started with the dad and kid since they left the mom in the burning building. 🙂 They were all made out of chocolate so they melted instantly. It was cool!

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