Tuesday Tip: Absorbing Grease From Cupcake Bottoms

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Do you get greasy bottoms on your cupcakes when baking them at home? It’s a common problem as the liners will often absorb the grease from the cake batter as it bakes and cause the bottom of the liners to discolor and leave an oily film.

There is a simple trick that many home bakers use to help with this problem. All you have to do is add a heaping teaspoon of regular white rice (not instant) to the bottom of each cup in your cupcake pan. Make sure the rice completely covers the bottom and spread it evenly, then place your cupcake liner on top of it. Fill with batter and bake as you normally would. The rice will absorb the extra grease so that it wicks off of the cupcake liner. When you remove the cupcakes from the pan you may have to brush off a few pieces of rice from the bottom of each cupcake but it is worth it for grease free bottoms. Throw out the rice when you are done baking.

Hope this tip helps you as much as it has helped me.

Here’s to sweet dreams and sugar highs,

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